Apr 22, 2013

a leap of faith


I believe that we all want something more
We always demand for something greater

I know that feeling
The feeling of longing for something so bad that my heart could burst,
yet I'm still here, doing nothing but holding on to hopes.

We sometimes refuse to take the hard way to achieve our dreams, because we are too comfortable being in the position we are right now.
We are afraid.
Afraid that the next step could make us fall hard on ground,
afraid that we might lose everything.
Most of all, we are so afraid of not achieving what we want, that we even stop trying.

I'd like to start my life over
여긴 아니고 말레이시아 말고 어디서나
In other word, 'hijrah'
To explore His land,
To appreciate everything that I have (and had),
To at least contribute something for Islam,
To take a leap of faith,
and above all, to cleanse my soul as taught by our beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.

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