Jun 2, 2011

dOnt read this..! ini bukan entry ilmiah ;)

i think i miss my hOmeland, MALAYSIA
i dOnt knOw..
all Of a sudden the urge tO pack my things and gO hOme, it just pOpped Out Of nOwhere..
my bff (janatul) just messaged me, makes me realized nO matter hOw great am i dOing here, will be NOTHING if i dOnt get tO share with them (my best girlfriends,my family_parents especially)
i have been avOiding them since fOrever...
nOt that i didnt cOntact them at all, nO...
i just simply dOnt tell them EVERYTHING
i tend tO keep em all by myself
it is easier that way... X(

if they ask, "hOw r u dOing..?"
then my answer will definitely be "FINE!" Or "GREAT!"
im nOt lying...i just hide a tiny part Of the truth
tO cOmfOrt them..
they dOnt really wanna knOw the truth...aite? that's what i thOught..

and sO....i miss MALAYSIA
all the fOod...street fOod Of cOurse
and all the tv shOws which i will be watching 24/7 thOugh they are nOt that interesting..
the shOpping malls with lOtsa great stuff which cOmes in a package with fOod cOurts..
andd the hOt weather which i cannOt stand..
the pasar malam..i hate pasar malam! but that wOnt stOp me frOm missing it :(

huhhhhh...what's nOt tO miss bOut malaysia??
it is yOur hOmetOwn...
hOw baddd it is, yOu're still gOnna miss it
at least i dO! shOut it Out lOud.. "saya rindu malaysia...!!!"
because everything preciOus tO me lives there :(