Mar 2, 2013

jangan berkecil hati wahai cinta hati


My father
He never ever mentioned my name during his last days,
Not even once
He didn't even ask for me to come back.

They said,
He did mention someone
One of his children
Maybe he missed her
Or maybe he loved her that much

I just smiled
Because I believe that that doesn't define anything
It definitely doesn't reflect his love towards any of his children
I believe he loved us equally

So dear sisters,
Please hold on.
Have faith, that love does not define by how many phone calls you get,
or how much attention you get
Love is how much you are willing to pray for each other's happiness, even when you're hurt.

Trust me,
Today she (ibu) might called me to hear my voice,
Who knows later you will be in her most pure du'a.

"doa seorang ibu itu makbul, tahu?"

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