Jan 19, 2010

"da gila agaknyaa....."

saya dah gila!!!
gila apa???!!!
gila maen gemmm laaa....!!!
xdakk Owg swOhh maennn pOnnn!
tp sindri yg nakkk!!
tp rsa lega..! sbb dpt rsa blk passiOn terhadap sesuatu!
apa hang merepek ni haa..??
kalO gila nak stadi xpa gak..


Jan 16, 2010

tOot..tOot..tOot... ~discOnnected~~

i guess tOday wud b the biggest part Of my breakdOwn thrOughOut the whOle experience bein here in 4-seasOned land Of kOrea...as i wOke up in the mOrning...i knew sumthin wasn't rite..i felt like sumthin was hitting my head...hurts badly...dats why i didnt get up directly..i cOntinued watching an english fairy tale mOvie On yOutube which i cOuldnt finshed last nite..didnt feel like mOving frOm my bed...i cOntinued watchin the mOvie until...until..until One phOne call reached me...askin me 2 get dressed n b ready..i tOt.."wat??"...then another phOne call..One after anOther..
im nOt really gOin 2 talk bOut the phOne calls actually..cOz sum1 might as well get hurt..

after i deal wif all the calls..i realized sumthin really was wrOng wif my bOdy..i started 2 feel excessive pain in the head,my eyes started 2 burn as if im staring at the pc mOnitOr withOut blinking,and my thrOat hurts like sumthin stuck tO it..the flOor Of my rOom was burning hOt yet i still felt freezing cOld..wats wrOng wif me? dis might just be the heavy heavy heavy highhhhhh fever~~i tOt...

while having lOng nice warm shOwer,i started 2 tink bOut my ibu..hOw she wud b very wOrry everytime i fall sick..and hOw my abah wud seek every remedy in the wOrld tO cure me.. ~Owhh hOw much i miss u bOth~~

One Once said.. "nOpe..dOnt call ur mOm if u r sick..u wud make her wOrry..really wOrry..n dat is nOt gOod.."
but hOw..? i never hide anythin frOm her..i need her mOre nOw then ever.. T.T
then i asked One Of my best fellOw..wat shud i dO..and he said.."gO ahead..call her.."
and i did..! hOw i felt sO much better after hearing her vOice sayin dat bOth Of them r dOin just fine..n abOut 2 hav lunch with sambal tumis...my favOurite!

One Once said, "u can tell me everything...dO nOt hide,please..im willing 2 listen.."
but wat shud i dO if everytime i tell him sumthing,thOse wOrds dat he dOesnt want tO listen,wud pissed him Off..?wat shud i dO if wat i tOld him will finally turns intO screaming n yelling..? dat aint sOunds gOod isnt it..? sO dats why i rather say "nOpe..nOthin..im fine" everytime he demands me tO say sumthin..

n tOday..yes im nOt fine..yess finally i fall sick..yess maybe..just maybe..i fall sick Of dehydratiOn due tO the excessive excretiOn Of water..frOm where it shOuldnt...