Apr 23, 2013



I read this article entitled 'We Are Not Equal' and my brain was forced to digest every single detail in it. Not that I don't like the content, the ugly truth about how certain group of people, in a society, or in a governmental system are not treated equally in every aspect kinda pinch me.

The author suggests that regardless the outcome of one's effort, one should be applied with the same rule as everyone else. Meaning, as long as we are ruled under the same terms, we are equal.
Let's say there are two teams competing each other in a competition, one of the team is way weaker than the other. So, in order to make the match as a fair game, the weaker team is given a special privilege, 1 point ahead the opponents.
Now, this is said to be unequal since the rules applied are not the same on both teams.
On the other hand, some might say this sort of unequal rule is a necessity because literally, we are not born equally.

As you can see in the society, throughout the whole world, this kind of ideology is everywhere, where a certain group of people receive 'special treatment' while others will have to work their ass off *pardon my language* in order to achieve the same outcome. How unequal is that?

But we cannot totally blame the system. There are some minority individuals that desperately in need of this kind of head start, enabling them to compete with the higher rank individuals. For instance, looking back in the history, long ago, African American was constantly being oppressed, even up until now, there are still 'racist judgement' where their ethnicity has become their biggest obstacle even in getting a job interview.

Same goes in Malaysia, the government constantly spoilt the native with eye-blinding opportunity that they forget these sort of special treatment eventually thicken up the racist sentiment. Apparently, this, i repeat, special treatment, has done nothing but spoiling the people, teaching them to wait for life to happen, and lessen the need of struggling in achieving what they want.

But who should we blame? If there is no such thing as 'unequal rules', trust me, Malays would still granting clerk as the best career, allowing immigrants from China and India to dominate the economy. Hey this is not a racist judgement, think about it, before we declare the Independence, British secretly hid the Malays ability in ruling their own country, disacknowledging their talents and denying their rights on their own land. Immigrant was brought inside Tanah Melayu because Malays was said to be too lazy to work, but the truth is, they already knew that if these people rise towards them, everything will be screwd.
When we managed to establish our own country, the government, of course, will do anything to bring up their own people, in this case, the native.

So that was how the rules and regulations was made. That was the basis of everything that has become the main course of todays arguments. Equal rights, equal rules.
The question is, to what extent are we willing to accept this equality?
Those who are being spoilt with this rule must become uncomfortable for any changes, but those who are not in favors are demanding for the system to change.
Do we really need to replace the government or is it adequate to make some adjustment in the existing government?

The choice is always in our hand.
Selamat Mengundi :)

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