Aug 22, 2009

lately im nOt feeling really well..
nOt tO mentiOn being scOlded several times..
and tO face all sOrts Of emOtiOnal breakdOwns...
i didnt ask fOr any all Of these...
but i tried..try sO hard that sOmetimes I even fake my smiles...
knOw that it hurts...but it Only hurts mOre if i aint faking it..
i wanna run..
but nO..i shOuldn't dO sO..
One keep asking me..
"dOn't u lOve me..?"
can i just answer it with a smile..?
why cant i?

lOve is sO nOt Only a wOrd...
it's abOut hOw yOu take care Of each Other..
it's abOut hOw yOu pleased One anOther..
and if u lOve sOmeOne..u will always keep hOlding..

dats why i wanna be lOved...
but the Only lOve i'm craving fOr is..
the lOve fOr ALLAH S.W.T..
cause i wanna be lOved..
by HIM...