Nov 25, 2010


dO i have tO put a BIG BOLD signbOard saying "attentiOn please!" ..?? dO i have tO..? uuurghhhh hOw pathetic is that~~

Nov 13, 2010

nO One

im nOt Okay..nObOdy tells me im fine
im nOt happy..nObOdy tells me im dOin great
im crying..nObOdy lends me a shOulder tO cry On
im fallin..nObOdy catches me
nO..nO One
which hits me On the face
i have tO take care Of myself

Nov 9, 2010

that's why...

because we are different

nOt tOo far but high tO reach..
that's why...
because we are different

Nov 2, 2010

tO care Or nOt tO care.....

tO care..Or nOt tO care....
im tired....tired Of being the One...
waiting 4 nOthing *urghhh pathetic*
yeah maybe i am pathetic...
Or maybe im just being immature..
either way, nOw i realize that i have cared 4 tOo much..
tOo much than i can endure...
i cared tOo much 4 almOst everything arOund me that i fOrget bOut myself..
nOw back tO basic is where i shOuld return...
fOcus On me myself and i
nOt tO say that im being selfish,nO!
im just tOo tired tO think bOut anything else but me...
nOthing else matters...
i knOw this One thing,
as lOng as i am happy, i can make everyOne arOund me as happy...
but if i am crappy, fiuhhhhhh whO knOws..!